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Uniball Jetstream 101

The Uniball Jetstream 101 is a not-very-popular pen from Uniball's extremely popular Jetstream line . The Jetstream 101 is has a capped design where most Jetstreams are retractable, and uses a 1.0mm bold cartridge, where most Jetstreams are 0.5mm or 0.7mm.

Jetstream 101 Basics

The Jetstream 101 is a 1.0mm bold pen that is available in black, blue, and red. It's not a populat as other pens in the Jetstream lineup, nor is it as stylish, but it's a excellent workhorse. The pen is known for its excellent smoothness and quick drying ink, making it acceptable for lefthanded writers.  

The Jetstream 101 is available at major office supply chains, like Staples and Office Depot, and it is also available on Amazon. Amazon sells the Jetstream 101 in a multicolor 5-pack as well 3-pack , and a 12-pack. The pens used to also be sold in a multicolor 15-pack but it's no longer available. 

The Jetstream 101 is an excellent office pen, but is still not one that is seen very often. 

Jetstream 101 review

Uniball's Jetstream 101 is an excellent pen. It features a clean design and a tight fitting cap. It's a pleasure to use thanks to class-leading smoothness. Because of its level of smoothness the 101 does suffer from some ink bleed through (it's visible on the page behind the one one on which you are writing) but its gel ink is not bad in this respect as many rollerball pens. The 101 is on the long side, making it a bit less cool looking than some of the othe pens in its class. 

The Jetstream 101 puts a lot of ink on the page, but the quick-drying forumla does not smear very much. This is not the best pen for lefthanded writers -- the Pilot G2 1.0mm dries more quickly -- but it's very much in the acceptable range. 

Verdict: This is an excellent choice if you don't mind a pen with a cap. 

Jetstream 101 Alternatives

Some good alternatives to the Jetstream 101 are the Uniball Jetstream RT 1.0mm, the standard Uniball Jetstream, and the BIC 1.0mm ballpoint retractable