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Uni-ball 307 vs 207 pen comparison

The Uniball 207 and the newer Uniball 307 are both excellent daily-use pens that are easy to find and popular in people's day to day lives. But what's the difference between the classic Signo 207 and the newer Signo 307?

Differences between the Uniball 207 and 307

The Uniball 207 was released in 2007 and the 307 was released in August of 2016... that's a long wait! Even so the 307 is barely changed from the 207. Here's a list of what's different between these two pens:

  1. The 307 has a black plastic end piece (the tip). The 207 has a "chromed" plastic tip.
  2. The 307 has a plastic clip that is colored to match the ink color of the pen. The 207 has a chromed metal clip
  3. The 307 has an opaque black plastic body that fades into a faux carbon fiber design. The 207 has a smoky plastic translucent plastic body.
  4. The 307 is available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm. The 207 comes in 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 1.0mm.
  5. The 307's ink has been updated so that it's smoother than that of the 207. It's also designed to be able to write on glossy surfaces where the 207 would skip. 

Which should you buy?

Verdict: Buy the Uniball Signo 307 . It has the plastic clip and the silly-looking carbon fiber, but it's a much better writing pen. The only exception here would be if you need a 0.38mm pen (get the Pilot G2 ) or a 1.0mm pen (get the G2 or the 207 in 1.0mm bold ).