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Pilot G-2 1.0mm

The Pilot G2 (sometimes called the G-2) is the king of the office pens. It's a very popular pen in the United States but is still very high quality, much better than most other pens that are as common, it's as reliable as it comes and it's something many of us depend on as much as we depend on a kitchen appliance, power drill, or our car. It's available in a wide variety of thicknesses and colors, as well as in custom configurations. 


The Pilot G2 is available in any number of variety, with sizes ranging from 0.38mm up to 1.0mm. Japanese stores and specialty shops will often have it available in smaller sizes, such as 0.38mm, while American office supply chains will only sell it in 0.5mm and 0.7mm. A number of multi-pen packs are available, usually in quantities of four , eight , or twelve  . A special 15-pen G2 "Archival Pack" is available from certain retailers, giving some indication of just how many varieties Pilot has spun this popular pen in to. 

A Bold version of the Pilot G2 is available, with a 1.0mm tip. It's not nearly as popular as the 0.7mm and 0.5mm varieties, but it is available on Amazon . Pilot G2 1.0mm Bold refills are available as well (though they are quite overpriced). 

Pilot claims the G2 to be "America's #1 selling Gel Ink Pen."

Pilot G2 Review

The Pilot G2 is an excellent pen given its popularity. In fact, if you were to rate overall pen quality by availibility in average offices and stores, the G2 is nearly impossible to beat. That being noted, the G2 does not write as smoothly as some of its competitors and the small sizes are prone to a rough, dry, writing experience.

The 1.0mm Bold variety of the G2 lets out a near-ideal amount of ink that dries quickly enough to be used by lefthanded writers. 

The Pilot G2 is comfortable, durable, lightweight, and it's not at all an ugly pen. 

Verdict: The Pilot G2 is a winner.