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Uniball Jetstream RT

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Pilot G-Knock

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Uniball 207

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Uniball 307


Penbase is database of pens of all quality levels, with a focus on those below $10. The focus is on pens from the US and Japan, but all makes and models are eligible for inclusion.

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The mission of this database is to find the best pen available for under $10. This could be a full stock pen stock at Staples, the coolest new pen from Japan, or a combination of parts of varying inexpensive models. The key attributes are: availability, affordability, reliability, and overall quality.

Best Everyday Carry Pen

Looking for the best EDC pen? That's not exactly our area of expertise so check out Penbase focused on the best pens under $10, not rugged EDC-type pens. Plus, we'd never carry the same pen every day! That's way too much pressure and we have way too many pens for that!

Notes: Some ratings will be subjective -- no apologies will be made for this. Some affiliate links will be used to support this site.