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Pens available in 1.0mm thickness. These are often referred to as "Bold" pens, as they put much more ink on the page than thinner, say 0.7mm or 0.5mm, pens. This means excellent smoothness when you are writing, but often it can lead to ink bleeding through the page and added smearing if the ink doesn't dry very quickly.

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How thick is a 1.0 pen?

If you are wondering if a 1.0mm pen is thick, then keep in mind that a 1.0mm pen will write about as thick as a dull pencil.

Is a 1.0 mm pen a penalty?

No, not at all! The 1.0mm size is the most common size of ballpoint pen and a very popular pen size. It's not bad and it's not a size designed for children or beginners.

What is the thinnest mm for pen?

The thinnest pen sold today, in 2022, is 0.18mm. This size is very thin, the pen is quite fragile, and it's a hard pen to find, only be sold in Japan.

What is the thickest ballpoint pen?

The thickest ballpoint that is common is 1.6mm, a size used by Bic in the Cristal and from a number of pens sold by Zebra

What is fine point in mm?

This will vary based on the type of pen, but typically a fine ballpoint will be 0.7mm. A fine gel pen will be 0.5mm.

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